Cape Town

Eclectic, eccentric, over the top? Call it what you will, but it’s certainly original.

The Interior Police


You can find our HQ, and where we all prefer to live… in Cape Town. Or more specifically, the new and trendy area of Salt River, neighbouring the ever popular Woodstock.


Whether you’re into table tennis, lounging on the couch or doing actual work… we cater for all. Complete with three edit suites, running all the popular software.


We can guarantee your job will be completed to the highest standard. With such a beautiful space that we like to show it off, we have had regular events held here, such as screenings and industry talks. There is a rather large screen and projector, with a great sound setup.

Our neighbours are just as friendly as we are, and collaborate regularly with them.

At MOTHERSHIP STUDIOS you will find PHONOGRAPHIC | Richard Vossgatter and THE MUSIC WORKS | Dave Waugh working “independently together” within the audio facility MOTHERSHIP STUDIOS.

A boutique, Cape Town Based, Film Production Company of award winning filmmakers. Stage 5 Films’ Dylan Voogt and Jolynn Minnaar specialize in development, production, co-production; servicing high quality, cost-efficient Film and Television content for local and international distribution.

Urucu is an independent production company with ties to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro. We proudly collaborate with this team of passionate people, Elias Ribeiro, John Trengove and Cait Pansegrouw, dedicated to nurturing authentic voices in South African film.

Headed by the famous Mike Smit and now moving far beyond digital delivery, The Adstream platform is specifically engineered to be a central web-based platform to replace the traditional systems and processes like in-house servers and share-drive filing systems.

Grant Aerts runs a Smoke and runs it like no other artist! Grant honed his skills at Condor Cape and is in demand as one of South Africa’s top compositing and VFX artists.

Fran Verveckken is the artistic and creative hands behind the Resolve desk, working on various commercials, award winning documentaries and TV series. Her eye for color and attention to detail is globally sought after.

Priest make the best lunches!

Rio The Regular