Priest offers the full package in post production. We have a team of online artists, offering grading, compositing, 3D modelling and motion graphics.

Francesca Verveckken


Francesca Verveckken is the creative hands behind the Resolve at 744 Digital. Her eye for colour, attention to detail and easy-going nature makes her great to work with.

Grant Aerts


The Monk (aka Grant Aerts) has over two decades of online experience. He operates on all of the big name-droppey finishing and compositing tools like Flame, Smoke and IQ.

Amelia Cohen

Motion Graphics Artist

Amelia Cohen works her magic to combine live action with motion graphics. She also has a passion for illustration, and character development.

Nathan Anderson

3D / AFX Artist

Nathan is a self-taught visual effects artist with the meticulousness of an inspector detector. He is also competent in 3D modelling.

Never, ever possible without you!

Jolynn Minnaar
(The Journeymen wins Best SA Documentary at D.I.F.F. 2016)